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Biography of Mike Farris - Farris's moms and dads separated when he was 11 years of age. He began using alcohol and drugs from a beginning age and almost approved away from an over amount before he was 21. He recovered and went on to form the group Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies in 1990. They released three major-label albums and had sustained success on the U.S. rock charts in the 1990s. After their breakup, Farris sang with SCW, Peaceful Knievel and for a time fronted Double Trouble, the backing band for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Farris became a practicing Christian and rejected drugs and alcohol, and released his first solo album, "Goodnight Sun", in 2002.

He released his second solo album in 2007, '"Salvation in Lights'", on INO/Columbia Records. In 2008 Farris performed at SXSW and the Creation Festival. The live album “Sunday Night Shout!” was recorded at the Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 12, 2008, but was a digital only release. On April 14, 2009, Farris released SHOUT! Live, as Mike Farris & the Roseland Rhythm Revue, featuring the McCrary Sisters. The album was recorded over four nights at his Station Inn residency.

  • Mike Ferris' Biograpgy

    In May 2010, after a disastrous flood in Nashville, Farris and a group of Nashville musicians recorded a charity EP entitled The Night the Cumberland Came Alive. Dubbed Mike Farris and the Cumberland Saints, part of the proceeds from the project were donated to Nashville's Downtown Presbyterian Church, where the album was recorded on May 17, 2010. The Cumberland Saints line up featured: Sam Bush, Ketch Secor and Gill Landry from Old Crow Medicine Show, Byron House, and Kenny Vaughan along with members of the Roseland Rhythm Revue and the McCrary Sisters.

  • Music Albums & Production

    Nevertheless, Mike's profession was choosing up steam. He won an Americana Music Award for New/Emerging Professional in 2008, followed by a Dove Award truly. His stay actions at Bonnaroo, SxSW, Hardly Completely Bluegrass Festival and others were showing discusses opinions. Identified artists like Rodney Crowell, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, and Marty Stuart were struck by his incomparable voice, and Mike opened shows for Patti LaBelle, Mavis Staples, Blind Boys of Alabama, Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby.

  • Latest Music Releases

    By 2010, having released the premier SHOUT! Live followed by an EP for Nashville flood comfort projects, Mike released a Kickstarter way to spend money on his next history, a private release. His fans perfectly funded the venture. Serious encouragement kept coming: first, to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame's 16th Annually United states Music Professionals show enjoying Aretha Franklin, then TEDx Nashville, and then to the inaugural Austin City Limits Hall of Fame with Double Trouble.

New Album Announcement

It’s the opportunity to develop a NEW RECORD. I am excited to announce that next Friday 3/21 we will discover a Pledgemusic Technique to choose an item new history with the popular Vance Powell (Jack White-colored, Honest Stapleton). Pledgemusic will allow us to give you with more exclusive under the outer lining updates as well as availability to pre-order the new history.

Some of the items up for keeps in the procedure include:

  • Making an investment a day in the studio space room with Scott and the team to experience the recording of the new history in PERSON.
  • VIP Show Experiences
  • Finalized Guitars
  • Handwritten Lyric Sheets
  • Skype sessions with Mike
  • Individual Audio display for you and your friends
  • Record Pre-Orders
  • Unique Behind the Minutes updates from the studio

Because of YOU, we were able to acquire a GRAMMY for my last history “Shine for All the People”. We appreciate all of your initiatives to our last strategy and predict you being a component of our new Pledgemusic Technique. Let’s make this history even higher than the last one!!

What people are saying:

“Mike Farris has enough heart, soul, and power to light up a city. He mixes up the elements and turns them into something new, beautiful, and uniquely his own.” - BUDDY MILLER
“Mike Farris sings blue-eyed soul to soothe the spirit.” - ASSOCIATED PRESS
“Never have I had so many people pitching me on an artist, and not I’m not talking just his people. Retailers, TV executives, other journalists and an array of music-loving folks have called or e-mailed or shoved a CD in my hand..” - BILLBOARD
“Mike Farris is a soul man…way cool! When I saw him on TV the first time, even though I didn’t know who he was, I thought he was a star. When I heard his record, I knew he was.” - MARTY STUART
“Out of the arms of defeat Mike Farris has done a victory lap….He takes people who are hurting, who are broken, who think they are alone and through just the sound of his voice he lets them know that they’re not…that’s magic.” - MARY GAUTHIER
“Farris’ voice has moved unexpectedly higher – and stronger – and melds seamlessly with his female backup singers.” - NO DEPRESSION
“Farris surrounds himself with a heavenly soundtrack that slides effortlessly between Stax soul, New Orleans gospel and shuffling Southern blues, all of it punctuated with Farris’ smoldering vocals and clear message of redemption.” - HARP
“If Mike Farris were the one on television at 4am instead of those clowns that speak in tongues that translates into “send me money” then I believe we’d have a lot more souls saved in this world!!!!!! He’s phenomenal! That voice. That soul. Those songs. Good God, man!” - JACK INGRAM
“Ranging from straight-on gospel to blues and Stax-style soul, the record is grounded in Farris’ faith and his sublime musicianship” - JASON ROY

Released in September 2014, Shine for All the People pushes beyond Salvation in Lights in that it reveals hope not in any glory to come, but in the failures and suffering of the present. "My music has always been first and foremost for the downtrodden, the wayward...people who've had to go up the rough side of the mountain. Even when it's upbeat and inspiring, there's always been an element of pain, because truth be told, we're all flawed. Not everybody knows it, but we all are."

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Salvation in Lights (INO Records)- is a traveling tent revival of an history, working its way up banking organizations of the Mississippi River from New Orleans through Memphis and onto aspects north. Documented at the same Knoxville house-studio where White-colored Stripes/Raconteurs head Slot White-colored recorded Loretta Lynn's award-winning Van Lear Improved history, Farris' sophomore individual effort uses the musical display show language of spirituals, timeless stories of struggle, some of which are centuries-old slave spirituals, and soul to tell a specifically redemptive story.

Mike's dynamic, the soul-gospel mixture had discovered audiences, but rejection has a way of biting coming back. Compared to his former way of life, he believed he was outstanding, but in all loyalty, Mike had become reliant on pain medication. The new record would have to take a coming back seat to a gut-check, life-changing recovery. Mike went to recovery and finally began searching up the primary causes of his addiction with the help of companies at AA and NA. An isolator normally, he battled relaxing all his issues on the table to finish unidentified people, but acquired inspiration through the encounters of others. Each honest phase led to wealthy, positive ground.

What progressively showed up from that wealthy ground is Shine for all the people, the improvement of real sobriety, of looking for a new recognition as a servant, first as a man but also as a designer. "I'd been operating on historical past before my recovery, and then there was a relatively large delay," explains Mike, who completed with Compass Details. "I had to arrive back up, take an opportunity to get the ground, to re-acclimate, to figure out how to reside now, truly fresh for originally since I was a kid."

This new frequent engaged going back to the procedure of creating sound, but there was an original speed modify in Mike. "So many types of music flow through me, 100's of a lot of music, the music that I grew up with from Doldrums, Rock, R&B; and gospel-there had always been this pressure to try to make it into a box that would provide somehow. It's crazy and annoying at periods, the bodyweight of trying to meet up with goals and generate profits, but now, that all decreased away. I know now that this existing only dominates to convince people in their difficulties, and if there's any energy in it, it's not from me."

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